The Beauty of Staying in Bingin Beach, Bali

Most tourists to Bali will never have heard of Bingin Beach. Sure they know Uluwatu but when you mention this tiny, secluded village area you draw a blank. Bingin is located roughly 5 minutes north of the famous surfing beach Uluwatu and it’s a enclave of wonderful villas, bungalows and home stays.

Bingin is very popular with surfers, families wanting to experience a traditional Balinese holiday (without the hype of or hectic pace of Seminyak or Kuta) and long term travellers wanting to base themselves in a wonderful area that is seriously affordable.

Bingin has so many great things to offer that it’s probably best to put it in point form. So following are my top 10 reasons why Bingin is so fantastic.

# 1 It’s quiet and when I say quiet I’m talking very peaceful. It’s a 5 min scooter ride off the main road sot here is very little passing traffic except for the guests or hotel staff or the local farmers. It’s nothing like the other more densely crowded southern parts of touristy Bali. At night you can hear the bells of the local cows. This is how serene it is.

# 2 If your staying in Bali and want cheap hotel accommodation, Bingin is full of affordable home stays and bungalows. Rooms range from between, $20 – $50 per night and they are all clean and most of them have an outdoor swimming pool.

# 3 There are great local Indonesian and western restaurants if you feel like going out for dinner. Having said that, if you don’t feel like going any where at night and want to hang local then all of the bungalows and home stays have their own dining area where you can get great food all at local prices. It’s cheap, tasty and convenient.

# 4 Bingin beach is fabulous. You have a top beach right at your door step. It’s got great surf, there are heaps of local warungs on the beach where you can get lunch, dinner or just chill with a fresh juice. as this is off the tourists radar Bingin is uncrowded, unspoiled with a cosy, somewhat hip vibe. you feel like you are part of an exclusive club once you trek down the cliff face and find the beach. It;s well worth the effort.

# 5 There would probably be the best day spa in Bali where you can get a massage for $10 – this is called Tara massage and it’s famous in the Bukit area. Swing by for the most pampering 60 minutes of your holiday.

# 6 There are many local yoga studios where you can revitalise your inner zen in a local Balinese setting. Most of them are at the bungalows so keep an eye out for the signage along the streets.

# 7 If you feel like a shopping hit or going to one of the more fancier restaurants, Jimbaran Bay is about a 15-20 min taxi ride away while Seminyak is only 45 min away. At Bingin you may feel as thought you are isolated from the rest of the world but in reality you are not too far away from your nearest shopping mall or plaza.

# 8 The locals and people seem much more friendlier here, if that’s possible at all. You get a real sense of village community here where locals will give you a wave and a happy smile as you pass them by on the road.

# 9 Its safe. Because of the village atmosphere and lifestyle people watch who is coming and going and crime is relatively zero here. It’s really family friendly.

# 10 Lastly, if your on a holiday and you want to do absolutely nothing except; read, relax, swim, eat great food, do some yoga, spend quality time with the kids or go for a surf then Bingin is the perfect Balinese getaway.

If all this sounds enticing enough, make sure you book your next Bingin hotel or Bungalow with us here at Bali Hotel Accommodation.