The Alchemy in Ubud, a vegan delight.

Delicious and really healthy food is the first thing that comes to mind when eating at The Alchemy in Ubud. If your staying or visiting Ubud on your next Bali holiday, we really recommend dropping by and seeing what the fuss is all about. This café is a favourite among tourists, locals, long term, yoga student/teachers residents and ex pats living a healthy life in Ubud.

There is a very warm and intimate ambience

The Alchemy’s stand out feature is it’s warm and very cost ambiance. As soon as you enter the restaurant you will notice the happy, laid back vibe. Perhaps it’s all the yoga people who flock here after a post work yoga session. It really conveys a chilled out vibe. Combine this with the most tasty food your going to find in Ubud and your on a winner!

Healthy, tasty and food that will delight the taste buds

When you come to The Alchemy, you’re here for 1 thing and that’s the delicious food. And boy o boy are you in for a real treat! The menu has just about everything organic including the most incredible cold pressed juices and raw foods. If you’re a big hungrier why don’t you try one of the many large salads – there is a large choice with lots of yummy dressings. Perfect for a light lunch so you can leave a bit of room for dessert. Remember the portions are pretty large here so be prepared. For after there are some tasty treats for those that have a sweet tooth and need their chocolate fix. One thing we do promise is that you will leave The Alchemy feeling very satisfied.

100% pure organic ingredients

The great thing about eating at The Alchemy’s is that all food is grown at their own organic farm. For products that they can’t grow themselves you can be rest assured that they are sourced locally from local suppliers with a great reputation for their quality of food. Everyone that works at The Alchemy has the same attitude towards food and that it has to be fresh, organic and very local. Oh and yes it’s gotta be very tasty. So for example instead of using sugar they will use organic honey or palm sugar. Everything that is used at The Alchemy has the environment and your health in mind. Forget those plastic straws its all made out of Papaya.

vegan food ubud

So what does “The Alchemy” mean?

“Alchemy means transformation for the better, towards a healthier lifestyle”, explained Mrs Low the proud owner of the restaurant. This applies to everyone who enters the place. The aim is to transform everyone who comes here to try the food into a healthier person. To get them to think about their lifestyle, the choices they make, the exercise they do and look at ways to improve their overall well being. It’s not all about the food. It’s also how you treat your body and the respect you give it. I know this sounds all very ‘spiritual’ but remember you are in Ubud and there are heaps of yoga studios nearby.

Wholesome & very healthy food for everyone

One of the biggest issues that The Alchemy faces is the perception of vegan food. Most people shudder when you tell them that you are going vegan or are eating at a vegan restaurant. They think it’s tasteless, boring and bland. But, The aim of The Alchemy is to turn those perceptions around and create an exciting buzz when it comes to eating healthy, fresh and delicious vegan food. You really don’t have to be a complete vegan to enjoy vegan dishes. Try the moth watering salads and you will see what we mean they are amazing. The Alchemy is so popular and doing so well in Ubud that they have now opened up their second restaurant in Seminyak right next door to the popular Potato Head. Now everyone can enjoy eating this fab vegan dishes.