Renting Motorbikes In Bali

Renting a motorbike in Bali is a fun way to explore the island. In the popular tourist areas, you will find that traffic can be a real nightmare, especially during peak season. Navigating a full size car through a maze of other cares can be stressful when you are not familiar with the traffic laws or even sure of where you are going.

Motorbikes also allow you to go places four wheeled vehicles can’t, which makes for some pretty awesome adventures. It’s also considerably cheaper to rent motorbikes in Bali than it is to rent a car or a hire a driver.

But before you do, there are some legal and safety guidelines that you should know so you can avoid any problems or injuries during your stay. Here’s a quick guide to renting motorbikes and Bali filled with lots of useful information to keep in mind when you visit.

Bali License Requirements For Motorbikes

Some type of motorcycle license is required for operating motorbikes in Bali. Ideally, you would want to secure one in your own country before you visit. However, you can get a motorbike operator’s license at the rental location for a fee. A valid ID and picture, plus booking details are required. The fee for the permit varies between $12 and $25 AUD.

Alternately, tourists can also apply for a temporary motorbike license (limited validity) at the local police station. To so this, you will need your original passport, one copy of your passport, your KITAS permit and an administrative fee of about $25 USD. This temp license also applies to expatriates, who can get a SIM A permit, which is the same thing, but has a longer expiration date.

Bali Insurance For Motorbikes

Most motorbike rentals in  Bali do not come with insurance so if you get into any accidents or are hurt, you’re on your own – unless you have personal travel insurance, of course. If you don’t have this type of insurance, it’s best to rent from Western-based motorbike rental companies like Bali Bike Rentals that do offer insurance with their rentals.

Where To Rent Motorbikes In Bali

You will find motorbike rental companies in all the major resort areas and especially near the beach properties. If you don’t see any (which is highly unlikely), ask your hotel concierge or a local tour guide for recommendations. They can surely point you in the right direction. Essentially, there are heaps of motor bike rental places all over the island – there is literally a couple on every street. If your staying in a hotel in Seminyak or Legian, Kuta, Uluwatu, Ubud or Canggu you will find literally hundreds of motor scooter rental places.

The Cost Of Renting Motorbikes In Bali

Rental prices for motorbikes in Bali vary, depending on the company and the kind of bike you want to rent. Of course, the smaller scooter-type bikes will rent for considerably less than a full size fancy bike like a Harley Davidson. Some places rent for as little as $8 AUD per day, while others rent for close to $150 AUD for four hours. Shop around to compare prices to be sure that you get the best deal. Do not accept the first price and be sure to look around if you feel as though you are getting ripped off.

Insider Tips For Renting Motorbikes In Bali

Before you sign any rental agreements, be sure that you inspect the bike thouroughly for damages or defective equipment.  Take pictures, if you find anything – so that you have proof in case the damage wasn’t previously documented. This is for your own safety and security so that you won’t get charged for damages that you didn’t cause and to ensure the bike is safe for riding.

Check the fuel levels before you leave to ensure all is well and operational with the bike – and that you aren’t stranded along the way!

Be sure the bike comes with a helmet and if it doesn’t, buy your own or ask again and insists they provide you with a helmet.

Know how to operate the bike before you take possession of it. Learn the gears, the gas pedal, brakes and turn signal indicators, as well as any lights the bike may be equipped with. Failure to do so could result in serious injury or even death in inexperienced riders.

Riding a motorbike is can be a whole lot of fun, but it can also be extremely dangerous. Never take any risks or operate the bike in an unsafe or reckless manner. Not only does this make you a target for local police, it also puts you at risk of injuring yourself or someone else.