Hospitals and Medical Care in Bali

Travelling does not always go smoothly and according to plan. We wish it could but unfortunately this is not always the case. Things happen and emergencies do happen while you are on holiday, even in Bali. Whether it’s a case of a small matter such as the Bali belly or something as severe as a motor bike accident you need to know that in Bali you will be taken care of and you will have the best hospital and medical care. One thing that has happened over the last say 5 years is the improvement of Bali’s infrastructure as well as it’s medical system. There are now even air ambulances if you get into trouble in a remote area – or even on the beach as close as Seminyak or Canggu. You can be airlifted to the nearest hospital quickly.

Following is a comprehensive list of Bali’s best Hospitals and Clinics.

BIMC Hospitals – this is probably the best known of hospitals and is mainly used by foreigners and expats. The great thing about this hospital is that all doctors and nurses speak fluent English. Most Australian insurance companies have links with BIMC so you can be admitted immediately and not have to worry about paying in advance. They are open 24/7 and they will come to you hotel room or Bali villas if you are in need of a house call. There is also a chemist or apotek in the hospital to fill your prescriptions. Contact: +62 361 761263

Siloam Hospital – this is a top hospital in Bali with really great doctors and nurses. It is very professional with all the latest facilities and services. Standars here are equivalent to western standards. It’s located in Kuta so it’s extremely convenient for those guests staying in a hotel in Kuta. Contact: +62 361 779 900

Kasih Ibu Hospital – this was originally a maternity clinic but has grown into a well known and respectable 85 bed hospital. This hospital caters to many international Balinese tourists especially the English and Japanese. Contact: +62 361 223 036

Surya Husadha Hospital – this is a massive and really top hospital with over 250 staff helping tourist with all their emergency needs. This is the top end of the market when it comes to health care in Bali and it’s like being in a luxury hotel. Contact: +62 361 233 787

Sanglah Public Hospital – this is Bali’s # 1 main hospital and has been around for years. It’s really well equipped for any emergency and there is an international component to the hospital for emergencies – doctors here are really good so please give this is try if you need help. Contact: +62 361 227 911

These are the private clinics.

International SOS – this is open 24/7 and provided immediate help with multi lingual speaking staff – if your really sick and want private care (even an air ambulance) give this clinic a call. Contact: +62 361 720 100

Bali Clinic – this is a Seminyak based clinic and is ideal if you have some mild issues like the dreaded Bali belly or a cold or flu. This is a handy number to have as most tourists are in Seminyak. Contact: +62 361 733301

Toya Medika Clinic – Ubud based travellers will head to this clinic for all medical dramas. This is a 24/7 clinic with helpful doctors and nurses. Contact: +62 361 978 078