Flights to Bali from Australia

Bali is still the # 1 holiday destination for Australians and the great news is that the flights between Australia and Bali can be very cheap if you book them in advance and stay on the look out for airline discounts and specials. The following article will help you find the best deals and know what to look out for with airline offers.

Airfares and what you should know

All airfares vary greatly throughout the year, this is just the way it works. It can be cheap 1 week and expensive the next.

Airline fares from Australia to Bali are the most expensive:

  • At peak season times (June, July, August)
  • During Australian School Holidays – make sure you know when these are
  • Xmas and Easter periods.

You will find the cheapest airfares to Bali are all in the off season. You are probably going to be at work or unable to take time off, but if you can this is when you are going to get seriously great deals. If you can be flexible with your travel dates and leave on say a Wednesday rather than a Friday, this can help keep costs down.

So what’s the cost?

It works out anywhere between $250 – $1150 for flights between Bali and Australia. This will really depend where your departure city is. Obviously, if you are leaving from Perth it will work out a lot cheaper than from Sydney or Melbourne.

Perth – $150 – $650

Darwin – $150 – $650

Brisbane – $500 – $1000

Sydney – $600 – $1200

Melbourne – $600 – $1200

Adelaide – $500 – $1000

Hobart – $600 – $1200

Newcastle – $600 – $1200

There are many airlines that fly to Bali from Australia. Some are direct and other go via Singapore or Kuala Lumpur.


Direct Flights to Bali from Australia

 The following airlines fly direct from Australia to Bali almost every day:

Jetstar: They fly out of all major airports and are a Qantas subsidiary. They are probably the most popular airline flying between Australia & Bali. If you are using your Qantas frequent flyer points then this is the carrier you will fly on.

Virgin Australia: Virgin fly out from 9 airports are the second largest carrier of Aussie tourists to Bali. Low budget carriers like this always have deals. Sign up to these on their website and they will email you Bali flight deals when they happen. Awesome way to stay on top of this and get hot deals. As this is a budget airline, you will have to pay for any food and entertainment on the flight.

Garuda: Garuda fly out of Sydney, Perth, Melb and Brisbane and are the more prestigious airline where you get food and entertainment. Garuda will be a bit more pricier, but if you like all the add ons it’s worth it.

Flights to Bali from Australia with Stopovers

 If you want to stop somewhere before you hit Bali (perhaps a spot of shopping in Singapre) these these are the best airlines:

Air Asia: This new entry into the Australian market will have you in Kuala Lumpur for a couple of days

Singapore Airlines: Fly on a world class airline and spend a couple of days hitting Singapore before Bali. The distance between Bali and Singapore is about a 2.5 hr flight time so you can leave Singapore in the morning and have lunch in Bali.

Malaysia Airlines: If you want a more prestigious carrier with a stop over in KL.

Cathay Pacific: If you need to go to Hong Kong before Bali then this carrier will do the job nicely. Day flights between HK & Bali are very quick – about 3.5 hrs.

Qantas: Qantas will not fly directly to Denpasar, Bali. They will get you to another capital city within Australia and from there they co share with Jetstar.

Flying to Bali has never been easier or cheaper. There are always some deals or specials, the thing is you have to be quick. If you’ve downloaded the Jetstar or Virgin app for example, you can check to see if there are any deals at all hours, you just have to keep on looking.

The thing to note here is that if you are leaving Sydney for example and are flying Virgin you will arrive in Bali at about 2pm, where as Jetstar will get you in about 10pm. If you want to have the afternoon in Bali you need to be aware of arrival and departure times. These times are all similar for the east coast of Australia.

Flight Info


  • Direct Flights
  • Flight Time: 3 hrs 30 mins
  • Jetstar, Garuda & Virgin fly direct.


  • Direct Flights
  • Flight Time: 6 hrs
  • Jetstar, Garuda & Virgin fly direct


  • Direct Flights
  • Flight Duration: 6. 5 hrs
  • Jetstar, Garuda & Virgin fly direct


  • Direct Flights
  • Flight Duration: 6.5 hrs
  • Jetstar, Garuda & Virgin fly direct