What is the best time of year to go to Bali

Bali has 2 very distinct seasons; the wet season, running from November through to March and a dry season running from April to late October. During the rainy season it can rain for days on end depending on where you are on the island, but for those in Seminyak and the southern part of Bali, the wet season is characterised by late afternoon 30 min downpours of heavy tropical rain. The rest of the day is fine. During the dry season, it’s pretty much hot and dry the whole time.

How long does it take to fly to Bali from Australia?

For the east coast (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane) its about a 6 hour plane flight and from the west coast, (Perth) it’s about a 3 hour flight.

Do I need a visa for travelling to Bali?

All Australian citizens need a visa upon arrival in Bali. The cost is US$30 and this is given to you upon arrival. A helpful tip here is to pay them in US dollars when you arrive as the exchange rate they give you at the airport can be very low and work against you.

How far is Seminyak from the airport and how much is a taxi to the hotel in Seminyak?

Its about a 30 minute taxi ride depending on the time of day you are going and the traffic conditions. It can get quite bad during peak hours and a 1 hour trip is not uncommon. The cost generally is about Rp 25 000 or $25. You can organise a taxi once you arrive at the airport, but some hotels will have a free airport pick up and transfer with their package. Make sure you ask about this.

Do I need an adaptor for my phone, laptop or computer?

Electricity in Bali is 220v so it’s totally fine for Australian products and electronic equipment. But, you will need to buy an adaptor to plug it in the sockets in Bali. You can buy these at any airport in Australia but if you forget you can always pick one up from Circle K or the Indomaret shops all over Bali – there are heaps of them.

Where is the best place to change money?

There are heaps of ATM’s around the island so essentially you can use your ATM card or credit card to get money out. If you have Aussie dollars we find the best pace to change currency into Indonesian Rupiah is at the airport. As soon as you exit immigration it’s on the right. This is a legitimate place and you will be able to the pay for the taxi ride to your hotel or villa. What ever you do never use random money changers that advertise a higher conversion rate as these guys are scammers and you will end up loosing. Only use legitimate money exchange places. These can be found all over the main tourist areas and they are large shops NOT dodgy back lane alley way places. Be careful with this as many people think they are getting a great deal when in fact they aren’t.

Will my hotel reservation be confirmed once I make my booking?

Yes, your booking is instant. Once you complete the booking process you will be taken to a confirmation page, giving you a booking number and a pin code to access all your information. You will also be sent an email confirming all your details. Your room will be held for you unless you cancel the reservation.

Can I cancel my hotel booking?

Yes you can at any time, but you do have to check the hotels cancellation policy prior to doing this. Look out for non-refundable hotel deals or specials as this may have an impact on your cancellation and there may be fees associated with this.

Can I book my Bali hotel room without a credit card?

Most hotels require a (valid) credit card to guarantee a booking. There are a few hotels that will take your booking without a credit card. You may also book your room using someone else credit card if you have their permission but you will need to check a box in the reservation form confirming you do.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

The majority of hotels do not require you to pay a deposit but it is best to check “Hotel Policies” on the hotel’s page and in your confirmation email that is sent to you.

What is included in the price?

The facilities for your selected hotel room are listed and that’s what is included in the room price. Additional things like breakfast or added expenses, such as taxes are shown in the “Conditions” column. Your confirmation email will confirm what is included.

What do we do if we need extra beds or cots for children?

This information is usually listed under “Hotel Policies”. You will beed to make your request in the “Special Requests” box in the booking form. If you have already made your booking and this is an additional request, you will need to follow the link in your confirmation email to login and amend your booking. Please note any additional fees for children are not included in the reservation price. We do recommend you call and confirm additional requests such as these with the hotel before arriving.

How many hotels do you have in Seminyak?

We have hundreds of hotels all around Seminyak. We have beach front hotels and hotels in the shopping and night club areas. You can choose from any budget and any style. Our prices range from $50 per night for a budget style hotel room right through to well over $500 per night for a 5 star hotel.

Is breakfast included with hotel room rate?

This will depend on the hotel you are staying at as well as the room package you have bought. Each hotel will have it’s own ‘breakfast included’ policy.

How far in Seminyak from the airport?

If you are travelling by taxi in peak hour then allow yourself about 45 minutes. If you are arriving at night and you need to get to your hotel in Seminyak, Legian or Kuta then the trip is between 25-30 minutes. The cost for a taxi will be about $15-$20. Taxi’s can be organised from the airport desk.

Is it safe to change money in Bali?

Yes it is but only from an authorised money changer. Do not even attempt to change money in the street where someone is trying to lure you in. They will offer you an above average exchange rate but they know tricks to short pay you – stay well clear of these people. There is a great money changes as soon as arrive in Bali and exit the airport. Change your dollars there if you can.

Are there ATM's in Bali and are they safe to use?

There are ATM’s all over Bali, especially Seminyak, Kuta and the main tourist areas. So if you do not want to change your money you can always use your cash card at the ATM to get Indonesian money out. It is safe, reliable and it’s exactly the same as back home in Australia. Do not worry about this as they are OK to use. You will however get charged a bank fee for using your card in a foreign ATM.

Where are the main 5 star hotels in Bali?

5 star hotels are all over the island. But, the majority of them are found in the Seminyak, Legian, Kuta & Nusa Dua areas. This is where most of the tourists end up staying so naturally this is where you will find most of the well known international hotels. All the big names are represented in Bali; Hilton, Sheraton, The W, Westin, Sofitel, Shangri La, Four Seasons, Ramada, InterContinental, Hyatt, Marriot, Nikko and more. All you need to do is type the name into the search box at the top of this page and you can find out the nightly room rates and make a booking instantly.

Are airport transfers included in the price of the hotel room?

This depends on the terms and conditions of your hotel booking and it’s inclusions in the nightly rate. Most hotels in Bali will include transfers to/from Denpasar Airport to your hotel but you will have to confirm this. If transfers are not included and you have to make your way to the hotel or resort there are ample taxis and shuttles services available at the airport.