Nightlife in Seminyak

There is so much nightlife in Seminyak, that it is really the centre of partying in Bali.

If you want to party hard in Seminyak, there are so many night clubs, bars and restaurants that you really won’t be able to fit them all into your holiday. There are some must see clubs that every tourist goes to such as Ku De Ta and Potato Head, but in the mix there are heaps of other really very cool bars.

Seminyak nightlife has seriously grown over the last 5 years. It has a diverse a collection of hip and very chic bars and other cool hot spots where all the beautiful people of Bali come out at night, to drink, dance, party and hook up. If you are into night life, you are going to absolutely love Seminyak. In fact, the night life may start to dominate your holiday. Watch out for those hang overs!

Most of the venues in Seminyak, open at around midday with great menus that compliment spectacular beach front settings. People actually spend the whole day here and continue right into the early hours of the morning. Compared to neighbouring Kuta and Legian, the nightlife in Seminyak is much more sophisticated and geared to people who have deeper wallets and are prepared to spend up big for a night out. Prices here are the same as back home in Australia, if not more expensive! Clubs will feature international DJ’s and live artists. Combine this with $20 cocktails, expensive food and you can see the types of people that these venues cater to. Saying that most of them are packed every night.

Most of the clubs in Seminyak offer exquisite, chic interiors, where as soon as you walk in you have that jaw dropping sensation. No expense spared. The interiors are world class. Plus, most top Seminyak venues are right on the beach. The formula they have all followed is very successful. Green lush outdoor settings combined with fancy interiors, quality wine, food, chilled music, cocktails, works really well as you will see by the big lines to get in.

From the first in the bunch Ku De Ta, the massive and classy Potato Head Beach Club to the WooBar at the W Retreat along the now very famous ‘must be seen at ‘address of Jalan Petitenget, night life in Seminyak is not going to disappoint. In fact, there are people that just come to Bali to party.

Here are some great venues and bars to look out for if you want to slip on those high heels and dance the night away.