Nusa Dua

Things to do in Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is all about 5 star resort and hotel accommodation, enjoying the beach, the ocean, the marine life as well as the facilities of the hotel or resort you are staying in. It’s a chilled out enclosed resort area that offers tourists a haven where they can relax and let the worries of the world slip away.

Whilst it may be the place to do absolutely nothing for those wishing to sit by the pool and read a book, there are still some fun things to do in the very mellow area.

Your Nusa Dua holiday is all about experiencing the best in life. Like any holiday destination in Bali, you can opt to be a busy bee and fill your day with tours and activities, or you can be as lazy as you want and sleep by the pool the entire day. It’s your call and Nusa Dua will facilitate this. It really is the best place is Bali to be active or really chilled out.

However, if you find that the area is too limiting in terms of cultural experiences, shopping, restaurants, nightlife and entertainment, then make sure you speak to your hotel concierge or front desk tour operator about organising day trips to other parts of the island. So for example if you want more shops, head off to Seminyak. If you need culture a day trip to Ubud is a good idea. If you want nightlife and want to party a bit, then the areas of Legian and Kuta is the answer.