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Nusa Dua is an area on the southern peninsula of Bali. It is also the area where you are going to find most of the international hotels and resorts such as the Conrad, Novotel, Club Med, Westin, Nikko, Hyatt, Grand Mirage and the Sofitel. It’s upmarket and purpose built to cater for holiday makers that do not want to leave their hotel as it contains everything imaginable for a fantastic holiday; swimming pools, gyms, day spas, restaurants, clubs, yoga, baby sitters, bars, shops and a fabulous beachfront location. Why would you want to leave when you have all of this waiting for you.

The Nusa Dua area in the 1980’s was originally intended for conventions and conferences in Bali. The immaculate landscaped gardens in the public areas were meant to showcase Bali as the new convention area of Indonesia. It worked so well that the area has since attracted many 5 star luxury international hotels, and Nusa Dua is now one of the main tourist regions in Bali.

Nusa Dua is unlike any other area in Bali. Most other tourist hot spots grew organically and very slowly over time. At Nusa Dua the area has been purposefully built with all the infrastructure and amenities you find in most modern countries. Whereas the rest of Bali has traditional overtones Nusa Dua is somewhat manufactured. You won’t find many locals living in the area, and the only Balinese you do see are the massive teams of staff that service the hotels.

Having said that the place is still absolutely gorgeous. The beach is pristine, clean and protected by an outer reef and the hotels in this area make for great family holidays. Nusa Dua is perfect for those wanting the Bali experience with a tad more exclusivity and sophistication.

Is Nusa Dua a good Balinese holiday destination?

This really depends on your budget and what your expectations are. If you just want to hang by the pool and enjoy the hotel facilities then Nusa Dua is ideal. You can spend a week hanging around the hotel, going to the beach and not leave the local area. But, it will also cost more than some hotels in other parts of the island. If you are the type of person that really wants a hotel room as a base to explore the island then Nusa Dua hotels are probably not a good idea. The hotels here are really for families or groups that want to have a secluded break away from the rest of Bali and enjoy the hotels facilities and amenities. It’s a place for some serious downtime and relaxation.

For honeymooners wanting privacy and an intimate holiday experience, planning your hotel stay in Nusa Dua is perfect. It has that magical charm that adds to the romance of the honeymoon.

When you come to Nusa Dua you can leave your watch in the hotel room because everything you do is dictated by the movement of the sun. There is no need to hurry or be anywhere. Bring a big book, lot’s of sun tan cream, and watch the stress of daily life melt away.

The best time to visit Nusa Dua is really anytime. If you happen to be here during the rainy season (Nov-March) there are still things to do and in most cases the rain is only for a few hours so when it’s finished you can be back by the pool topping up your tan. If you intend doing some sightseeing then Nusa Dua is centrally located and getting to most places is really a 90 minute drive at most. Make sure you get your hotel concierge to arrange transport for you. Most hotels will have courtesy buses that can take you to your destination.

If your a keen scuba diver or surfer then your in luck. The reef area is absolutely gorgeous and is teeming with marine life. Plus the waves here are sensational for those medium to advanced level surfers. Make sure you speak to the hotel tour desk about scuba diving or snorkelling tours or surf board hire.

Nusa Dua is about 10 kilometres from the Bali Airport or a 30 minute taxi ride. It is also about 30 minutes from Seminyak.

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