Where to shop in Legian?

Buzzy, vibrant, hectic, narrow winding streets and market stalls selling fake Louis Vuitton bags – this is what a shopping trip is like in Legian.

Legian is probably the most popular tourist area for Australians and the Balinese really know how to capitalise on this. There are literally thousands of small shops selling everything from fake hand bags, cheap fake DVD’s, Tshirts, sarongs, shoes, wood carvings to holiday souvenirs and a wide variety of counterfeit brand name items. It is a fun place to walk around slowly and take in the atmosphere, vibe and the overly friendly vendors trying to lure you into their shops. This pace will seriously sharpen your bargaining skills.

You will find more high end fashion boutiques, home wares shops, surf retail outlets and dozens of other really very chic places places along Jalan Legian that you will find yourself drawn into. The Balinese really know how to dress up their shops for a great experience better than anyone.

The best way to shop and explore Legian is by walking. Start out at about 10 am and give yourself the whole day as you are going to need it.  There are so many shops and sights to see that it can be overwhelming. Take your time, be patient BUT above all have fun!


Following are some great shop in Legian that you should really pop into.