Places to eat in Legian

Legian comes a close second as the most popular dining area after Kuta. The place is jam packed full of great restaurants seving western style and local Indonesian cuisine.

Legian has come a long way in terms of restaurants and dining out. You can still find your local Balinese style warungs where you can get a cheap meal. But, these are slowly being pushed further out and getting taken over by more upscale dining venues, and this trend looks set to continue. You will find most of the main restaurants along Jalan Legian which is the main thorough fare connecting Kuta; Legian and finally Seminyak. The lines between all 3 areas are really starting to blur and this is the same with the restaurant scene. There is plenty of choice in every price range and budget range however for those on a tight budget you will be hard pushed to find the bargain basement prices that Kuta restaurants, food stalls and markets are famous for.

Legian really has no shortage of top world class restaurants and here are just a few to wet your appetite.