Nightlife in Legian

Party till dawn, meet new friends, eat at great restaurants. Legian is for the serious party goers. This is where hang overs happen. Back packers, schoolies, 20 somethings, teenagers, ex pats, and tourists all flock to Legian for a night out on the town.

Jalan Legian is where it all happens and this is the main road that connects Kuta with Legian. If you can tell where one begins and one ends then that’s good. There is a very fine line that differentiates the two areas. Once the day ends and your sun burnt, its time to hit Legian’s famous nightlife. This area plays host to some of Bali’s biggest bars where teenagers are walking around shirtless with drinks in their hand. It’s all about drinking here. If you are not into that then I would avoid Legian and go to the more sophisticated Seminyak.

But if you want to hit the town and party hard here are some great Legian venues.