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Legian is an extension of the Kuta area and has the same type of hectic, holiday vibe with enormous amounts of tourists walking on the beach, eating at the local Balinese restaurants or shopping for a bargain (sarong, T-shirts or souvenir) with all the little stalls of local vendors dotted around the Legian area. Legian is fun, jammed packed full of shops and big brand name stores. It’s vibrant, hot, becoming very modern, with a mixture of high end tourism meets budget back packer.

Most people will say that it’s hard to differentiate Legian from Kuta but there are subtle differences in terms of the more upmarket restaurants, hotels and boutique shops. The real beauty about Legian is it’s central proximity to basically all other areas of Bali. Essentially, it’s a good place to start your Bali holiday if you want to travel around and explore the island.

The Legian area, has a bit of a reputation for partying (think schoolies week), back packers as well as many Australians on package holiday deals. But, this is slowly changing as the newly built hotels are starting to appear on most street corners. The place will eventually lose it’s party town reputation and become more gentrified, as more hotel developments are built. Legian runs for about 1.5 km along the main thoroughfare Jalan Legian and is the corridor that connects Kuta to Seminyak. This road is insanely busy and there are traffic jams the whole day.  Scooters, taxis, trucks, tourist buses, local families (with 4 people on a motor bike) and horse and carts use this road regularly.  So if you are staying in Legian and intend to move around the place by car or taxi make sure you give yourself enough time, as the traffic build up here is legendary.

There are literally thousands of hotel rooms in and around the Legian area, all accommodating different holiday budget, tastes and styles.

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