Where to shop in Kuta?

The question should be where NOT to shop in Kuta? The place is a shopping mecca. Kuta is jam packed, crammed full of shops. In fact, you won’t have time to see them all.

Shopping in Kuta has really transformed itself in the last 5 years from simple local shopping stalls and the odd shopping complex, into a shopping metropolis with gargantuan sized shopping malls and mega stylish plazas. Tones of money has been poured into making Kuta a place where you can spend you entire holiday going from shopping mall to market. Days wondering around spending up big on the credit card are normal here in Kuta. In fact most tourists will spend only a coupe of hours o the beach and the rest of the day in the Lippo Plaza or the brand new Beackwalk shopping centre.

If you need some ideas about the best place to shop in Kuta here is a list of our favourites.