Nightlife in Kuta

Party Hard. Kuta is all about the night life. Don’t expect to get home early. This poace is perfect if you want to drink hard and your on a budget

9 Best Nightlife in Kuta: Best venues to go to in Kuta

Kuta is party central, no escaping this fact. Back packers, ex pats, schoolies even some of the local Balinese can be found hitting the night spots in Kuta. If your idea of a good night out is coming home as the sun rises then Kuta is for you.

Following are 9 hand picked night clubs and spots in Kuta that will let you be who you are, drink as much as you like and hook up with anyone you fancy.

Kuta has something for everyone, especially if you are in your 20’s. Older folk may prefer the more upmarket, chilled out scene down the road in Seminyak.