Jimbaran Bay

Places to eat in Jimbaran Bay

Dining in Jimbaran Bay is all about eating in the 5 star resorts and hotels. If you are lucky enough to be staying in one of these uber cool and expensive hotels then you are probably going to want to eat locally and stay in your hotel. For those that are prepared to venture out Jimbaran is famous not only for the chic and exclusive dining experience, but also for the cosy and now very popular ‘warungs’ that have sprung up on the beach. In particular the seafood restaurants which are very popular among tourist coming in from other parts of the island.

These beach front ‘warungs’ serve up popular BBQ seafood dishes where patrons sit at tables that are set up on the sand. It’s a no frills experience but it works extremely well as these restaurants are packed every night. Most people come here for the sunsets with a cold beer and then settle in for a seafood feast.

Following are a selection of restaurants around the Jimbaran Bay area that all foodies will love.