Nightlife, bars & restaurants in Canggu

The main eating area is in Echo Beach where you will find local restaurants serving up fresh Indonesian food. Prices are really cheap and these beach front restaurants or Warungs are geared towards surfers and beach goers who want a quick, healthy meal. Just because the prices are cheap doesn’t mean that the food isn’t good. The local Balinese dishes are served fresh and there are places that serve the nicest, healthiest smoothies and fruit salads. There are about a dozen really good restaurants all along Echo Beach, Canggu.

Although Canggu is developing at a rapid pace (every time you visit, there seems to be a new hotel or hip restaurant opening up), it is still very unspoilt and has that Balinese vibe of days gone bye. This is really the attraction of the area, hence the shopping in Canggu is limited. Most tourists will usually hop in a taxi for a 15 minute ride where they can spend the day in Seminyak shopping. If you want to stay local there are a few boutiques for women’s clothing and a couple of surf shops, but that’s about it.

Canggu, is a place where holiday makers and ex pats come to unwind and escape the heady night club and bar scene lifestyle of it’s close neighbour Seminyak. If you are looking to party hard, Canggu is not really the place. Having said that you might want to try Old Mans at Batu Bolong. This is an ideal place to watch the sunset with a cold Bintang.

For the younger crew there is Sunday Sessions at Deus, which is about a 2 min scooter ride from the beach. It does draw a bit local crowd (even people from Seminyak) for those eager to party, mingle and hook up.

Cafes and Restaurants in Canggu that you will love

Due to the rapid development of Canggu and the scores of new villas and hotels that have popped up all over the place, naturally there is bound to be some great cafes and restaurants to cater for the tourists, villa owners, hotel guests wanting to leave the hotel, vegans, hipsters and trendy jet setters all wanting something special to eat. Canggu is fast becoming a food hot spot….