Cheap Accommodation in Uluwatu.

If there is one thing that all cheap bungalows and home stays have in the Uluwatu, Bingin and Padang area is that they are all great value for backpackers, travellers on a budget and people who are wanting to use the place as a base to explore the area. They all share very common characteristics, that is; comfortable and clean rooms all in top areas close to the beach. This makes them ideal.

As you head into the Bukit area and make your way towards Uluwatu you pass small local beach side areas that are all dotted with signs saying: rooms for rent, home stay, bungalows or cheap accommodation. There are literally hundreds of these places and they all represent really good value as you can get a room for less that $50 per night.

What ever you do don’t be put off by the cheap price tag as these bungalows are all typically the same all over Bingin and Uluwatu and are all really great value.

For example a night at the Bingin Family Bungalow will cost you Rp 500,000 per night or around $60 Aust dollars. What you get here is a fully air conditioned room, breakfast, your own private bathroom with regular hot water, wifi, well kept garden areas as well as a swimming pool. This to me represents really great value  as you are literally 5 minutes scooter ride from Bingin beach and 7 minutes to the famous surfing beach of Uluwatu.
Your rooms are all really very basic (there is no TV) but they are cleaned every day and it’s a great way to chill out without having to rely on the television. All rooms have a terrace area where you can sit, read a book and basically do nothing. This is probably a good idea if you have spent the day exploring, surfing or visiting the local temples.

This type of accommodation might not be for everyone, but judging from the amount of scooters parked outside, this seems to be a very popular option. Remember, if you are travelling for a while and are looking to stay in a comfortable, adequate room, then this type of cheap bungalow accommodation is spot on – nothing really beats this. The Balinese take a real pride in the way they present these bungalows and you can see it in the way the surrounding garden areas are kept. There is not a leaf out of place. They are so well maintained, it just adds to the peacefulness and tranquil ambiance of these bungalows.

The helpful staff who hang around the hotel the whole day are happy to organise anything for you including hooking you up with a scooter to go exploring for less than $5 oer day. All you need to do is ask and the smiling, really friendly staff are happy to deliver.

If you are planning a trip to the Uluwatu area and don’t want to pay the prices you would be paying in other areas like Seminyak or Legian, then keep an eye out for these types of home stays or bungalows in Bingin. Even better book them here online.

As I write this blog at 6am in the morning I do want to make a point here. That is bring your ear plugs as the local roosters do start up early. In fact they are going the whole night and they never stop.