Bali’s Best Rooftop Bars for Cocktail Hour

Bali has probably the best sunsets in the world…well that’s what we think at least and spending an hour or two watching the sunset over the Indian Ocean is one this you must do when you are holidaying in Bali. There are heaps of fabulous locations but some just stand out the most for their sheer dramatic presence, food, cocktails and of course the views.

Following is a list of our best Bali rooftop bars where we often go to simply chill out and enjoy what is one of the best things to do in Bali.

Rock Bar Ayana Resort

This place is famous and whenever you mention sunset bars the first thing people say is the Rock Bar. Go on try it…you will see exactly what I mean. It’s followed by statements like; OMG this place is incredible, you have to go there etc etc. This is what the Rock Bar elicits out of people. They love the place. It’s an architectural marvel where restaurants and bars have been built on a rock face. Only in Bali can things like this be done.

It’s world class and the cocktails are to-die-for. Imaging coming here for a romantic night out or enjoying the company with some close friends whilst sipping on a martini. Life just does not get any better than that.

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Jimbaran Bay is a big tourist area and  so many people come here for 3 things: the sensational 5 star hotels, the seafood restaurants on the beach and the sunset. The best place to watch the sun going down in Jimbaran Bay is the well known Smoqee Lounge. This place is uber chic and very sophisticated. If you feel like partying on, Smoqee also has a dance floor with DJ’s playing. It’s a great night out and the best part about this is it’s really only 20 or so minutes by taxi from Seminyak/Legian.

Make sure you try the tapas nibblies here and the gourmet signature cocktails.



Great central location in the Seminyak/Legian area you can chill out on massive lounge style pods, grab a few drinks and enjoy the beachfront sunset. This is a really popular venue as it continues late into the evening and turns into a nightclub. The rooftop bar is about 15 m high so you get really classic sunset views over the whole area. A massive venue that attracts partygoers all over the island. Make sure you do try the Mojitos!



What a venue, what a place and what a great idea! Sitting on the actual beach on comfy bean bags, getting served cocktails in a really beautiful setting. Watch the passing parade of tourists, Balinese, beach football and walkers all doing their thing while you chilling out after a hard days sun baking. La Plancha is on the beach at Legian and is extremely popular so get there well before sunset,  start the drinks flowing and watch the gorgeous orange sunset. You can have food in the Spanish restaurant after a couple of cocktails or Bintangs. A great afternoon and evening out.



Whilst not necessarily a roof top bar I did want to throw this in the mix here because this is on the beach, has a really chilled out vibe and should be high on your sunset bars list. It’s uber sophisticated and very upmarket and the cocktails are world famous. make sure you get there a couple of hours before to soak up the hip atmosphere and enjoy people watching before the sunset action starts.



This is the place to go to if you want all-you-can-eat style buffet with cheap cold Bintangs and fab views over Legian. Ideal for backpackers and 20 somethings who want to save a few dollars, yet still experience a tropical Balinese sunset. Once the sun goes down, Sky Garden is a legendary nightspot that party’s well into the early hours of the morning.


So there you have it, some of Bali’s best rooftop bars. These are only a handful, there are others but these should at least get you going and joining the hectic and somewhat frenzied Bali nightlife. If you have yet to book your Bali Accommodation make sure you book through this website as we have great daily deals and specials on all hotel and resort rooms throughout Bali.