Bali Travel Tips: What To Know Before You Go

If you are like most travellers, you probably did quite a bit of research while planning your trip to Bali. Points of interest, attractions and the best times of year to travel are pretty much your standard homework when it comes to planning a vacation.

However, having some handy insider information before booking your trip can save you time, money and quite a bit of frustration once you get to your destination. For your convenience and peace of mind, we have compiled this comprehensive guide of Bali travel tips to ensure that you’re in the know before you go!

Low Season Is The Wet Season

It rains in Bali. A lot. So much in fact, there are two designated ‘rainy seasons’ from January to April and October through November. These rainy seasons are also when the prices on hotels, flights and other accommodations tend to be the lowest, which can be very tempting to the budget conscious traveler. Be mindful of these seasons when booking your trip. However, just because you visit Bali during one of the rainy seasons doesn’t mean your trip will be a total washout. You should just expect more showers than at other times of the year.

Exercise Caution In The Water

Bali has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Unfortunately, the waters that surround it have very strong currents, waves and jagged coastlines. Remember to exercise extreme caution when venturing into Bali waters, as even the most experienced swimmers may experience difficulty at certain times of the year.

Stay in a proper, recognised hotel

There are so many hotels in Bali and they all have different price points so check our website for great deals on all hotels in Bali. Don’t risk staying in some out of the way place. There can be issues in terms of getting ripped off or things stolen. Seminyak is the main tourist hot spot and there are heaps of hotels in this area.

Respect The Culture

Bali is a very cultural place so expect to see lots of it during your stay. Roads and businesses may frequently close for religious processions or parades as well. When visiting the temples, remember to dress modestly, as beachwear will not do. Shoulders and legs must be covered when entering these holy sites.

Opt For Bottled Water

First time tourists – and sometimes even veteran Bali visitors – may be sensitive to the island’s drinking water and be subject to all kinds of intestinal upsets. It’s better to be safe than sorry – or sick –,especially whilst on vacation, so opt for bottled water for drinking and tooth brushing during your stay.

Visa Requirements

If you are travelling from Australia you will need a visa. Most other countries do not require special visas, however, to be sure that you will not be denied entry because you lack one, so visit the official tourism board to see if your country of origin requires a visa for Bali travel or if you are eligible to purchase one upon arrival.