9 Reasons Why Nusa Lembongan should be part of your Bali holiday.

If like most people you have been coming to Bali many times and have never been to Nusa Lembongan, even for a couple of days, then it’s time you made the journey. This small island is an absolute gem and the best part about it is that it is literally 60 minutes by boat from Sanur. So if you looking for a bit of adventure and wanting to escape the crowds and traffic of Bali make sure you head over to Nusa Lembongan. It would be a pit to miss out on this place so following are 9 reasons that make this trek worthwhile.

# 1 Nusa Lembongan is a fantastic getaway

As soon as you boat touches the beach upon arrival you will see the huge difference between this place and Bali. It is seriously a lot quieter and lots more laid back. The vibe is instant and you really feel as though you are in another world. Sure you can find quiet pockets in Bali but Lembongan is completely relaxing and it’s really world’s apart from Bali.

# 2 It is really stunning

Lembongan has a natural beauty that encompasses the island., From the mountains to the beaches it ‘s beauty is worth the visit even for the day. Grab a motor bike from one of the local vendors as soon as you arrive and go exploring for yourself. Bike hire is cheap so make the most of it. Stop of for lunch along the many beach side restaurants and simply soak up the chilled out atmosphere this island exudes.

# 3 It’s Like Bali was 30 years ago

You get to see how Bali was all those years ago, when life was easier and the island pace was slower. You get to see real villagers in their authentic settings. Plus they are all very friendly and happy to share a smile with you and perhaps the odd photo. It’s this real warmth and friendly nature of the Lembongan locals that makes the island so unique.

peaceful nusa lembongan

# 4 There are not so many tourists as on Bali.

As you would expect many people do not know about Lembongan or are unprepared to take the quick boat ride and for this reason tourism here is far less developed as on it’s sister island. I guess this is one of the benefits as there are less hotels, villas and of course traffic. In fact, its where tourists come to escape other tourists.

# 5 It’s super close to Bali.

All you need to do is make your way to Sanur and there are heaps of speed boats making the trip every day. There are boats leaving every hour and the price is only Rp 600 000 or Aussie $70 for the round trip which is really good value. It takes only 45-60 minutes max so you can be in Lembongan by mid morning. It’s really very close by and on these fast boats your there in no time at all.

# 6 It’s a great place to really unwind

If your looking for a piece of untouched paradise where you can completely unwind and let the stresses of daily life slip away, Lembongan is definitely the answer. We all love Bali, but sometimes it can get a bit hectic and stressful with all the traffic and getting from one place to another. We all put up with this because we love it so much but on Lembongan there is no such thing. You get the peace and tranquillity on top of that whole gorgeous Bali experience, culture and vibe. It’s like being on Bali yet without the noise and hordes of tourists.

gorgeous nusa lembongan

# 7 Rent a scooter and go exploring

If you have always wanted to do the whole scooter thing and give it a try but were reluctant to do so in Bali then Lembongan is a great place to try it out. It’s really the best way to explore the island as there are not too many other alternative forms or getting around. Best thing to do is when you hop off the boat, organise a scooter rental for a couple of days and start looking around. Again, make sure you always wear a helmet and drive very carefully. You do not want to come off you bike here.


# 8 Yoga, eat healthy and grab a massage

Lembongan is the perfect place to detox and recharge your body with healthy food, a couple of massages and some yoga classes. Use your time here to reenergise your body as there are heaps of places where they serve yummy fresh juices and food. There is no excuse now to start shedding those extra calories. Plus there are also many fabulous day spas where you can have a massage all for under $10!

# 9 Lastly, accommodation is super cheap.

You can stay in a bungalow on the beach for less than $50 per night. Or if your into the whole 5 star villa luxury there are a few fantastic, private Villas on Nusa Lembongan where you can holiday in total luxury .